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After satisfying all the procedures and processes during admission and application stage, students are now required to pay tuition fees and register. The registration process takes place within stipulated deadlines, and our academic year is divided in to two semesters one starting in January and the other in July. The registration dates are usually shared with students on the admission letter and communicated through different platforms such as the University website, students portal, social media or emails. Students can only register if they have paid semester fees or produced sponsorship letter from the sponsor such as Department of Tertiary Education and Financing (DTEF) or any other financier. 

Please note the following:

  • Any person who wishes to be enrolled as student must do so within the stipulated registration period. 
  • Students should familiarize themselves with all the rules and regulations of the University which are contained on the student handbook before the sign up for registration.
  • Students who are not sponsored by government or any other sponsor, shall contact our finance department and enquired about the amount to be paid in order to register. 
  • Students can come to Admissions Department to register over the counter or Register online by clicking “register now” tab on the website. Registration steps are outlined on the online registration booklet is provided on the website. 
  • After completing registration students are required to come to admission department to print student ID which is used to access the University premises, the library and Examination rooms. Kindly note that if student lose their ID after the first issuance they required to pay P70.00 to print a duplicate.