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About us

About us

BA ISAGO University Centre for Professional Development and Consultancy (CPDC) is a business centre established by the University to address the training and consultancy needs of the industry and commerce.

The Centre has a good portfolio of short learning programmes to meet the diverse training needs of both corporate and individual clients.  All the programmes are Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) accredited therefore, organisations can access the training levy and apply for a refund after the training. 

Our workshop facilitators are seasoned industry experts who are abreast with latest developments in the market and use their experience and knowledge to provide effective training. Our approach to training is experiential learning which is the best approach for transferring skills and enrich learning with what the participants already know. CPDC offers both face-to-face training and online training and follow all the COVID-19 protocols to ensure a good health and safety environment for the participants. Register with BA ISAGO CPDC for a worthwhile training and enquire about our consultancy services.



To be a vibrant regional centre of excellence in project management, professional development and consultancy by 2022.



To provide top notch professional training and consultancy to individuals and institutions in Botswana and beyond.

What we do

What we do

Consultancy Services

CPDC provides consultancy services in a wide array of areas from management sciences, project management, monitoring and evaluation, development of public health and social programmes, development of organisation strategy, development of organisation communications strategy ,development of organisation corporate social responsibility strategy and team building. The center also conducts workshops on design thinking (problem solving methods), good governance, water governance and community-based development. The experience and expertise developed by CPDC through years of R&D activities are utilised for offering better consultancy services.

Short Learning Programmes

The short learning programmes are developed in consultation with the industry. All the programmes being offered at the Center are Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) accredited. Pre-training and post training meetings are conducted by the Center as part of the training service offering. Pre-training meetings are conducted for the purposes of customizing the training while post training meeting acts as a monitoring and evaluation means. The trainings are conducted using experiential learning method of delivering to ensure transfer of skills.

Short Programmes

Short Programmes


This course empowers delegates with skills that are critical to drive organisations to higher performance through the in-depth covering of concepts of power, influence, motivation, counselling, coaching, empowerment and delegation.

Managing for Productivity Improvement programme exposes managers and supervisors to various methods, techniques and means of improving operational efficiency of an organization thereby improving the organisation’s performance.

This programme is specifically designed to help organisations deal with challenges related to the provision of service quality and the strive for service excellence by setting up the best practices through effective service design strategy, processes, mind-set, behaviours, and through building a good service culture.

The course in Strategic Planning and Competitiveness enables participants from various business disciplines to craft a winning and competitive edge compelling strategy. The skills are necessary in a highly competitive and dynamic environment

In this programme, participants will learn the best practices of people management, motivation and effective communication. The programme will

In this programme, participants will learn the best practices of people management, motivation and effective communication. The programme will

The course aims at providing a fundamental understanding of the physics related to buildings and to propose an overview of the various issues that have to be adequately combined to offer the occupants a physical, functional and psychological well-being. Participants will be guided through the different components, constraints and systems of a work of architecture.

This module is intends to focus the attention of participants on methods of attracting and retaining customers through excellent service, cooperation, trust and commitment so that profitable and long-term relationships with customers are established. It also equips learners with the skills to manage relationships with customers and all other stakeholders.

The purpose of this course is to capacitate participants with skills and competences to facilitate the Change Management process in their organisations. Delegates will be equipped with the practical skills of how to successfully introduce change, apply change management models, as well as to implement and evaluate Change Management projects in their organisations.

This programme provides participants with an overview of project management and the essential tools needed to deliver successful projects on time and meeting budgetary constraints.

The focus of the course is on developing participants’ skills for applying advanced marketing concepts and theory effectively to complex real world property practice, as well as formulating and justifying strategic marketing recommendations for a complex property marketing case.

In this programme, participants will learn the best practices of people management, motivation and effective communication. The programme will

Statistical software has become an essential partner of the applied statistician. The industry standards differ depending on the field of study. This 5-day workshop is designed to acquaint participants with research types and approaches as well as the requisite knowledge of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) including other packages.

This programme emphasizes the importance of a strong ethical work culture within a business. Employees who abide by their workplace ethics would be able to protect and respect business’s assets, manage time and productivity. Workplace ethics is integral in fostering increased productivity and teamwork among employees. It also helps in aligning the values of the business with those of the workers.

The course will help participants to identify short comings in their own organizational grievance and disciplinary procedures through practice and assessment of case studies. Also, it will help Management and other workers to develop and utilize effective grievance management practices.

This course will impart knowledge on financial reporting systems, analysis and decision making. Participants’ appreciation of the Financial Statement Analysis will guarantee their contribution in improving the financial performance of the organization and its growth.

Microsoft Project Planning programme enables participants from various background and disciplines to do project planning, resourcing, and tracking projects to ensure successful delivery of projects using a computer based tool

On completion of this program, participants will be able to understand and demonstrate their knowledge on how to use formal means of communication and writing techniques that today’s technology demands, including anticipating audience reaction

In this programme, participants will learn the best practices of people management, motivation and effective communication. The programme will

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will have a solid understanding of computer components and their functions as well as knowledge of Microsoft Systems.

This programme enables students to gain a clear understanding of various business disciplines. It qualifies participants to relate various functional areas in the organization and appreciate the need for harmonizing the activities of the organization.

Participants should be able to explain, solve and discuss an employment relations problem and discuss comparative employment relations. Participants will be able to compile a guide to implement and manage diversity in the workplace. 

This programme focuses on the behavior of the organization as a function of individual and interpersonal behavior and group processes within an organization. By the end of the course participants should come to a theoretically informed position of how the challenges of organizational complexity can or should be met.

The programme provides a strong foundation towards improving performance in different scenarios, by presenting relevant tools, processes and techniques meant at closing the performance gap. This training programme presents 6 pillars that need to be applied in order to ensure effective performance management. Effective performance management starts from data analysis and reporting, setting standards, monitoring performance, decision making and ending with learning and building a performance culture.

This programme provides fundamental knowledge of project management by using contemporary tools and techniques that are ideal for project planning, monitoring and control.

This programme is a computerised accounting system. The training is based on Sage Pastel Accounting system to manage financial data and produce financial accounts and statements. The programme also imparts skills of financial statements presentation like  accounts receivables and accounts payables and produce up-to-date periodic financial statements


The programme enables participants to manage different sources of stress including workplace stress at an individual or organisational level and seeks help participants develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and manage stress at work.

This course introduces the participants to the study of workplace occupational health and safety. Upon completion the participants will appreciate the safe work practices in offices, industry and construction as well as how to identify and prevent or correct problems associated with occupational safety and health in these locations as well as at home


This programme enables participants to have knowledge on advocacy and lobbying and develop skills to design, analyse and implement influential advocacy policies and strategies in an organization.

This programme enables the participants to understand the theoretical nature and justification of property and the important features of the Botswana common law and statutory provisions relating to real and personal property, with emphasis being given to property.



The Certificate for Vocational Education Training (CVET) is a programme designed to promote competence and professionalism in the field of education and training. The main objective of CVET programme is to equip trainers at every level with skills aligned to the requirements of trainer standards.

Participants should be able to explain, solve and discuss an employment relations problem and discuss comparative employment relations. Participants will be able to compile a guide to implement and manage diversity in the workplace. 


This programme is designed to impart basic skills in managing and analyzing data using Microsoft Excel and then build from basic to more advanced skills. The programme will enable participants to use basic and more advanced techniques in Excel/spreadsheet. The system will enable the participants to manage, analyse any kind of data and make informed decisions.

When efficiently applied it is a powerful tool, allowing participants to manipulate vast amounts of data, automate tasks, present and manage complex information.

An introductory programme to word processing and Microsoft Word. Participants will learn how to create, edit, and format documents including how to save and print files.

This programme provides participants with an overview of project management and the essential tools needed to deliver successful projects on time and meeting budgetary constraints.

This programme equips participants with the necessary skills to use in different network hardware and application to provide ideal solutions through network management and troubleshooting techniques

This programme imparts the necessary computer hardware and software troubleshooting knowledge.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Consultancy Services & Workshop

Consultancy Services & Workshop

In times of rapid change, growing complexity, and critical uncertainty, leaders in both government departments and the business sector require skills to prepare for the unexpected. As opposed to ‘predicting’ the future, strategic foresight provides a set of tools that allow leaders and experts to better appreciate a range of possible and plausible future scenarios and environments. Strategic foresight allows decision-makers to systematically manage risks. Join our team of experts in a 3 days’ workshop to discover and expand your exploratory skills to recognise overt and hidden changes that may affect your organisation.

Today's top organisations succeed by making Business Process Management as a fundamental part of their strategy. As the pace of change continues to increase and the threat of disruption becomes the new normal, organisations need to have a focused and effective approach to management of processes. Business process management helps organizations leverage processes to achieve their goals and be successful. Once processes are implemented, they must be monitored, evaluated, and optimized to make sure they are still meeting the goals that were designed to accomplish. A business or government department that can successfully manage its processes is able to maintain a competitive edge, while increasing productivity, efficiency and decreasing costs. This 3-day workshop explores the world of Business Process Management (BPM), providing participants with a firm foundation in BPM principles, drivers, methodologies, and common practices.

Today’s managers and leaders need to respond quickly and effectively when faced with new challenges and opportunities. Managers and Leaders set the agenda in organisations for leading and motivating teams, productivity, leading responsibly, and reaching targets in business units. Management leadership skills are critical to the success of an organisations. Developed around key leadership principles the workshop will equip participants for leadership success and shape the way they think, make decisions, mentor employees, behave and execute plans. Leadership is perhaps the most important function of management - it helps to maximise efficiency which can help to achieve the overall vision and goals of the organisation... Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, participants will learn leadership best practices to assist them to navigate complex challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities.
During these challenging times it can feel overwhelming, and you may wonder how you are going to look after yourself in the months ahead. It can be difficult to maintain our mental health and wellbeing when coping with so much uncertainty and turmoil at home and at work. Our counselling and human resource management experts can provide the following services, Workplace counselling Face-to-face counselling Telephone counselling Group counselling Psychological first aid/debriefing sessions for workplace changes such as retrenchment reintegration and others. Employee follow ups to facilitate adjustment Counselling for COVID-19 quarantine and officers on self- isolation Counselling for officers working away from home Performance Management and Productivity Management tools for employees working from home (e.g. software); Support for employees working from home ((creating conducive environment). Work shifts management tools Managing performance appraisals Managers enforcement of COVID-19 regulations Retrenchment and reintegration Employee referrals for psychosocial support and counselling Emotional intelligence – emotional management during a crisis Creation of awareness on entrepreneurship and government financial support initiatives to promote economic activities.
How do you deal with the media? How do you handle a media crisis? What are the proper procedures for responding to media inquiries? Very often, organisations overlook the value of media coverage. Some management teams in organisations get anxious about it while others are just too busy, but most simply don’t know what to do. The media has a responsibility to cover organisational news and industry trends. Organisations have a critical role in this process.

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