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We are committed to your success in the Faculty of Commerce. The Faculty of Commerce is one of the largest Faculties at BA ISAGO University. We provide an enabling environment that supports and promotes the much-needed practical approach to learning through innovative, creative and market-driven entrepreneurial approaches aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-4) which centers on the provision of equitable and quality education. The Faculty offers a wide range of unique programs from certificate to post-graduate studies through the infusion of modern forms of learning platforms such as virtual-interactions, part-time and block release sessions to suit your schedule and diverse market-needs.

Dr Oscar Chiwira – Dean, Faculty of Commerce

The Faculty encourages an intimate learning environment between students and our highly qualified and experienced supervisors with the desire to turn out cutting-edge graduates who will solve the issues of industrialization, wealth creation, and progress nationally, regionally, and internationally. Our Faculty support and complement academic units, instil a research culture to support graduate studies in ways that produce high-quality, multi-cultured, and intellectually equipped graduates. We do this through our unique programmes that include academic and professional studies. Join us!

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