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An Exemption is a credit given for a BA ISAGO module (s) for previous academic work for a module (s) completed at a recognised and accredited post-secondary educational institution. It refers to the waiving of the requirement to complete a particular module on the basis that the student completed an equivalent module in a recognized programme successfully

BA ISAGO only consider exemptions from institutions which are accredited, the University has the right to contact the awarding bodies to confirm student’s qualification.


Student must be registered or considering to register for a BA ISAGO programme. 

The module/s should have been completed with a minimum passing mark of 60% in the diploma, degree or post graduate programme. 

The qualification must be accredited by an accrediting institution. 

Exemption shall not be granted from more than 40% of the modules prescribed for a qualification at BA ISAGO University. 

The module from the recognized post-secondary institution must have at least 80% equivalent coverage of the syllabus with the module from which the exemption is being sought. 

The module(s) will be assessed on the basis of equivalence of content and learning outcomes between the previous recognized post-secondary educational institution and a BA ISAGO module.

 Should the exemption be granted, the student should formally withdraw from the module by completing the cancellation forms.



Students are required to submit a completed exemption application form, transcripts and course outlines, if not in English, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the transcripts are translated and notarized. 

 Time Limitations 

Exemptions will not be granted for qualifications obtained more than eight years prior to the year of admission at BA ISAGO University. 


A student applying for exemptions should fill in an Exemption Form (in duplicate) indicating the module(s) and grades obtained from the previous institution. The application form is available on the University website and the Admissions Office. 

The applicant should attach supporting documents i.e. full transcript, certified copy of certificate, module profile outline from the previous recognized post-secondary educational institution. 

 Pay the full prescribed fees and submit proof of payment with the application. The application for Industrial Attachment is require students to pay refundable administration fee P750.00 and for Industrial Attachment and P300.00 per module for the other modules.

Applications must be submitted to the Admissions Office three weeks into beginning of each semester as published in the University Calendar. Late applications received after stipulated deadlines, published in the University Academic Calendar, will NOT be processed. 


 Feedback will be provided to students two days after Academic Affairs Board (AAB) meeting each semester in the form of a letter from the Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications. 


These exemption regulations shall also apply for students seeking exemption from Industrial Attachment module. In addition to these regulations applicants should refer to specific programme guidelines for competences required as evidence to qualify for industrial attachment. Students should submit bound portfolio of evidence containing the following:

  1. Demonstrate evidence that they have worked for at least two (2) years for an organisation whose core business is relevant to the programme the student is studying. 


  1. II. Must have been supervised either directly or indirectly by qualified practitioner(s) with the requisite educational or professional qualification. 


III. They must have at least covered 60% of the areas as outlined in the Departmental Industrial Attachment Guidelines. 


  1. V. Certified copy of ID, Certificate and transcript. Knowledge Empowers Progress Page 20 of 30 4.9 Exemption fees The University prescribes fees for exemption for a module and industrial attachment per level in the University Fees Policy and Schedule of Fees. Applicants must note that exemption fees are non-refundable. 

Credit Transfer 

Credit Transfer is applicable to students who have successfully completed the same or equivalent module/s at BA ISAGO University. These students can apply for a credit transfer towards a BA ISAGO programme for which they wish to enroll or are currently enrolled in. Specifically, the policy outlines the principles and procedures that apply to the following categories of students: 

  1. a) Those wishing to change programmes.
    b) Those progressing from a lower programme to higher level programme. 

Credit Transfer Process 

  1. Applicants must Complete and submit an application form (Credit Transfer Request Form). NOTE: The application form is available in the University website, OR Admissions Office. 
  2. Applicants must attach statement of results with their application. 
  3. Credits must have been earned no earlier than eight (8) years before 

the date of application. 

  1. After a Credit Transfer is granted, a student’s module schedule must 

be reviewed and modified to ensure a full-time load and to ensure 

Efficient utilisation of student’s resources and time. 

  1. Each student would be given the details of schedule of study load, and 

a copy placed on the student’s file. 

  1. Feedback will be provided to students two days after Academic Affairs 

Board (AAB) meeting each semester in the form of a letter from the Manager Student Administration.  

Credit Transfer for BA ISAGO students 

  1. Applicants wishing to change programmes at BA ISAGO with an UNCOMPLETED programme may, where applicable, apply for their block/stage or module credits to be transferred to new qualification. 
  2. Applicants who have completed a BA ISAGO University Certificate level programme will transfer their block credits to relevant Diploma level programme. Such credits will be considered for the diploma grading and classification. 
  3. Applicants who have completed BA ISAGO University diploma will transfer block or module credits from diploma to a relevant degree programme. Such credits will be considered for the degree grading and classification. 

 Credit Transfer Fees 

  1. The University prescribes fees for transfer of credits in the University Fees Policy and Schedule of Fees. 
  2. Applicants must note that credit transfer fees are non-refundable. 

Appeal Procedure 

Any student aggrieved by the decision on an application for credit transfer may appeal in writing to the Chairperson of Senate within five (5) business days of receipt of the rejection of application for credit transfer. Feedback will be provided in seven (7) business days of receipt of the appeal letter from the student. The decision of the Chairperson of Senate is final and binding