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Careers services/Academic Advising 

The division supports students by providing them with career guidance in line with their current programme of study or other options they can pursue. The career counsellors also assist students engage in extracurricular activities that will further enhance their academic endeavors as well as expose them to real life experiences. 

Career Counseling

The Division offers a variety of services including: individual and group consultations to help students to align well with their career choices, personal and professional skills Development as well as opportunities for volunteerism, preparing for interviews, mentorship and exchange programmes.


Student Workshops/Seminars

Students are exposed to opportunities to engage in topical issues, personal, career, and social development issues.  These issues are addressed in workshop/seminar format throughout the semesters. Some of these issues include the following: 

  • CV writing
  • Work place antiquate
  • Exchange programme
  • Work ethics 
  • Recruitment: what are employers looking for?
  • How to look for a job, get it and keep it. 
  • How to get a job a flooded job market.

Mentorship Opportunities

The University has started some mentorship programmes that involve people from the labour market.  These mentorship programmes include well experienced people and specialists from different sectors of the economy addressing students in their areas of expertise.   These opportunities take place in our campuses every week on Thursday afternoons.  


Volunteerism Opportunities

Students are given opportunities to volunteer during University events, graduations, and academic conferences.  Students are also advised to volunteer their services in the community, and various workplaces to show case their skills and put what they learn in class to practice. 

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Office line:  +267 3957744 (Ext 221)