Design Thinking Stakeholder Briefing

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Design Thinking Stakeholder Briefing

18 January, 2018


The 21st century is the most evolved century in the history of mankind due to the unprecedented technological innovations! They have changed all human interaction platforms. Statistics show 11.4% of the country’s tertiary education graduates are jobless. This is because graduates aren’t employable-they lack 21st Century Skills that today’s businesses require. The need for this new skillset has been fueled by the digital revolution that started at the turn of this century. Digital technologies like smartphones & social media are forcing corporates & other entities to think about their end customers & stakeholders in disruptively different ways and transform their organizational cultures to innovate-or else face possible extinction.

 In recognition of this, BA ISAGO University, in line with its mission to have graduates with enhanced employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, has partnered with ANUYATRA (Farm Ideas), a global consultancy firm, to share Design Thinking skills for the 21st century! 21st Century Skills include Creativity, Problem Solving/Critical Thinking, Collaboration across disciplines, communication, and digital skills. It is not only graduates who have to be innovative, but product/service providers have to keep innovating ways of creating value propositions to consumers, to stay competitive, to contribute to economic development. As such, BA ISAGO saw it fit to engage with all stakeholders, such as media houses, captains of industry, and government agencies, to share the Design Thinking Concept, and invite them to workshops to equip them with skills to empathize. The stakeholder brief, held on 18th January 2018 is the first step in the long vision of BA ISAGO’s contribution to Botswana industries in the form of industry-ready graduates and innovative enterprises.   

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