Virtual Stakeholder Consultative Forum

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Virtual Stakeholder Consultative Forum

10 November, 2020


Institutions and organizations have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic impacting also professional development and upgrade of skills for employees. In a quest to address changes brought by the pandemic BA ISAGO University held its 1st virtual stakeholder consultative forum on the 30th October 2020 themed Effective Virtual Professional Development –The New Normal in Professional Development

In her opening remarks, The moderator,Ms Amagolo  Gabasiane mentioned that as COVID-19 has shifted the consumer landscape and their behavior ,businesses need to adapt to new emerging trends in the marketplace of virtual learning. She said that collaboration with key stakeholders to deliver quality professional development is important in the industry.

Giving her presentation on Beyond possibilities and focusing on the positive side of the pandemic, Ms Ndebele gave a case study of New Zealand stating that lessons learned from the case study are that you go hard, or go early, prioritization of key elements for continuity of the university such as upskilling and development are important for employees to adapt to new trends, She highlighted that being proactive is very important to be relevant in changing times. She concluded by encouraging participants to leverage on partnership and collaborations to embrace digital transformation. The Managing Director and Founder of BA ISAGO University,Mr Odirile Gabasiane giving his presentation on Resilience during times of crisis cautioned about professionalism in the workplace and adapting mechanisms  that can make all stakeholders survive the pandemic  and stay relevant .He further urged colleagues to work collectively to sustain the university in midst of the pandemic. The guest speaker Dr Ellah Matshidiso,HRDC Director-Human Resources Development Planning (Supply),  presented on Expectations from Industry. She started by applauding the university for the hard work it has demonstrated and continue to, over the years in delivering qualify tertiary education in the country.She emphasized that collaboration and partnership are pivotal to success of virtual engagement workshops .She further said that institutions should continually question their strategy for changing needs in presence of COVID-19.She concluded by saying  that ICT connectivity is very important to ensure virtual professional development. Dr Ruramayi Tadu-BA ISAGO, Acting President, presented on Virtual fees. He noted that a dialogue needs to be formed for stakeholders to have a win-win model to ensure curriculum is for a purpose intended and to create a conducive environment for virtual engagement .He highlighted that they are aware some companies in remote locations do not have ICT technologies and therefore BA ISAGO University can assist on the matter.

Coordinator for the Centre of Professional Development and Consultancy (CPDC), Mr Alexander Magwada highlighted that the Centre works tirelessly to be relevant to the industry and develop market driven programmes, workshops and consultations .He mentioned that the Centre prides itself with competencies of qualified lecturers to deliver quality transformative training to stakeholders.


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