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03 June, 2020

On Monday the 1st of June, the 2020/21 Student Representative Council (SRC) convened to formally inaugurate the new Cabinet and to divulge information about the members’ individual and collective roles and responsibilities. The objective of the assembly was the commencement of the new Council for the year 2020/21. Dr Tidimane, Dean of Student Welfare and Support Services, gave welcome remarks and wished the Cabinet well on their different roles and responsibilities.  Mr Pitwane, Admissions Officer, thoroughly explained the procedures of the Student Administration Division to ensure that if the SRC receives concerns or complaints from its constituents, each member should have knowledge of the major topics or issues related to student administration. The Director of Examinations, Student Records & Graduation, Mr Nyangechi, touched on the various aspects of his division and alluded to some of the committees certain SRC members would be a part of, along with their respective responsibilities. Considering the ever-changing world we live in, it logically follows that an IT Representative had to be present at the meeting to address the University’s work-in-progress with regards to technological advancements and improvements, especially in light of the global shift towards e-learning as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Seeing as being part of the SRC comes with additional demands and pressures, Student Counsellor Mrs Makgonatsotlhe accentuated how imperative it is for the SRC members to reach out to the Student Welfare & Support Services Office and the Counselling Office when they are in need of assistance, whether emotional, academic or anything else. In a world where vulnerability is often misconstrued as a weakness, she encouraged the newly appointed Cabinet to seek help, no matter how seemingly small the issue may be. Acting President, Dr Tadu made an appeal to the Council to aim to leave a mark, one that will last for years to come.

Giving closing remarks, the SRC President, Mr Agrippa Ditaola took time to thank members of staff for their participation & encouragement and his Cabinet for attending the session. The President also uttered words of motivation to his Cabinet for their upcoming term.

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