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10 March, 2020

“Individual goals need to align with the policy for quality management system to be a success and the processes of this system need to be streamlined to know how divisions’ link with one another, an output in another division is an input in another” Words spoken by Director Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance, MS Kelebeile during the documentation handover of Quality Management System held on the 13th February 2020.Ms Kelebeile stated the system calls for continuous review and a survey to be conducted to measure customer satisfaction in the institution. She further said ISO 900:2015 model is adopted and implemented for QMS as it is relevant in an educational system. She also mentioned that all QMS documents have been uploaded into the staff portal and staff members are encouraged to access them to use the current and latest version these documents.

In his opening remarks The Acting President,BA ISAGO University,Dr Ruramayi Tadu  mentioned the exercise was meant to standardize all operations of the university. He said the core business of the university is to become predictable to all core customers to remove individual discretion to ensure success. Some of the benefits he highlighted of using the system was for processes to be standardized to create consistency in service delivery to ensure customer service satisfaction and also to seek to have a competitive advantage through quality management system. He urged all BA ISAGO University staff members to comply with format of documents approved and continued to  applaud the appointed committee for steering the process and to uphold the job well done. The Managing Director, Mr Gabasiane encouraged all staff  members to be active partners in supporting QMS to be a success .He said that BA ISAGO University has sound procedures, processes and systems that even some institutions visit the university to benchmark such. Giving closing remarks, MS Machaba, Director Student Administration, who was also part of the committee, thanked executive management for embracing and steering QMS. She shared that the Managing Director, Mr Gabasiane has always preached quality management since the inception of the University for al Staff to offer exceptional customer service to clients. She said the day depicts growth and upgrading of the university and it is indeed a memorable cherished day. She gave her hearty thanks to Dr.Douglas Motsotso who was engaged as a consultant to spearhead the transformation .She encouraged all HOD’s and divisional heads to train their staff on the system.

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