Youth Alive Foundation launches Convo Lounge Mentorship Program

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Youth Alive Foundation launches Convo Lounge Mentorship Program

27 September, 2019

The Youth Alive Foundation was founded by one of BA ISAGO University’s Alumni, Mr Joba with a mission to develop successful and relevant entrepreneurship programs that educate and inform the youth to realize their full potential. The Convo Lounge program is one of the programs that the foundation has initiated. At its launch on 20th September, Mr Keitumetse, Y outh Alive Foundation Programs Director, stated that the aim of the program is to create a platform for students and industry to discuss what to expect in the corporate world and how to adapt. Adding to that Ms Nuku, Youth Alive Foundation Research & Data Analyst, mentioned that the program will also give the students an opportunity to understand where and how one can apply their degree. Mr Davidson, a representative of the United States Embassy, who funded the Convo Lounge Program, shared that they decided to fund this program because this is such an innovative program to help the youth and it will provide students with adequate skill which will make them marketable in the industry. One of the students, SRC member, Mr. Thabo Kgwathe explained that the program is a good initiative and suggested that they also include those that are not in tertiary institutions because they also have ideas which could contribute to the economy as well. When speaking on behalf of the University, Acting Dean of Student Welfare and Support Division, Ms Makgonatsotlhe, proudly conveyed pride and gratitude to the BA ISAGO University Alumni, for a program that will be so beneficial to other students.

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