Wadhwani Foundation Partners for Entrepreneurship Drive

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Wadhwani Foundation Partners for Entrepreneurship Drive

17 September, 2019

Following the launch of the BA ISAGO University-Wadhwani partnership, Start-Up Club was officially launched on the 5th of September. Start-Up Club is a student network group, fully run and led by students in the entrepreneurship programme.

In his opening remarks, Dean for Faculty of Commerce, Oscar Chiwira said that the initiative was meant to close the gap between theoretical and practical concepts and also to motivate students to be entrepreneurs.  Maatla Tinah, e-Leader of the Start-Up Club, highlighted some of the benefits of joining the club are to be able to interact with other entrepreneurs and participate in programme like Investor Hunt, where students pitch their business ideas to potential investors. This will also give them an opportunity to watch videos and interviews of other entrepreneurs around the world and be connected to an entrepreneurial eco-system like LEA and CEDA.

Giving his keynote address, Managing Director, of Innolead Consulting, Michael Oabona Kgengwenyane, said that the role of entrepreneurs in society is to solve societal problems. He encouraged students to get involved in different activities to test their talents and said that the key ingredient for being a good entrepreneur is to always do excelling work, even if you don’t like it; your future has to be bigger than your past. He continued to say that learning has to be bigger than experience and that purpose has to be bigger than money.

 In his closing remarks, the event coordinator, Mr Dube shared that the club will be used as a stepping stone for BA ISAGO University students to do great things in entrepreneurship!

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