The University does not provide accommodation, however international students may be assisted to secure accommodation.

The University is committed to assisting with finding accommodation for OVC and special needs students.

The University may revise the entry requirements when the need arises, however, currently the entry requirements are as follows;

Certificate programmes require at least three credits obtained at BGCSE level

Diploma Progammes require at least 4 credits obtained at BGCSE level

Degree programmes require at least 5 credits obtained at BGCSE level

The programmes offered by BA ISAGO University are accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and are listed in the website @ www.bqa.org.bw

The University does not have any programmes offered on distance mode at the moment, however there is block release mode of study and the weekend classes.

The prospective students may enroll for block release which allows them to come twice in a week, or attend lessons during the weekends.

The University has a fee schedule which may be given to clients at their request. The payment plan is stipulated in the fees schedule but one can negotiate with our finance department how best they can make payments.

BA ISAGO University offers unique market- driven programmes in an endeavor to contribute meaningfully to human resources locally and beyond the borders of the country.

Yes the programmes offered are market driven. The University strives to produce an all rounded graduate equipped to exercise their skills and competencies in an international setting.

National University of Science & Technology (NUST)



The application forms are available on campus and may be downloaded from the university

website. They are submitted with the required attachments (academic certificate/s & ID) to the

Admissions Divisions once filled.

Sponsorship letters are issued to students by DTEF. The student collects their letter and submits to the University in order to process registration.

The University will offer online registration in the near future, currently registration is done at the three campuses.

One can pay for themselves while waiting for DTEF and apply for retake sponsorship when they open. If successful then request for a refund from the University.

The student may seek for assistance from the Student Representative Council office and the Student Administration Office

A medical record must be submitted to the Student Welfare & Support Services Division and the Head of Department. If the student is sponsored by DTEF, the sponsor has to be notified by submitting the medical records to defer studies

The student must inform Student Support Office with proof. The University will then make necessary arrangements for the student.

Medical record to be submitted to Examinations, Student Records & Graduations office.

Yes, there is Credit mode of payment which allows one the flexibility to pay a deposit and 4 or 8 months installments.

Work experience is considered for mature applicants who may not have the required credits.

In order for a programme to run, especially for part time there must be at least 10 students registered for the programme to commence.

Yes the students are able to view their results via the student portal once they have created an account.

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