Students Governance

The Student Representative Council (SRC), which is elected by all students, is the first point of contact for all the students regarding students’ issues and concerns, and is the official mouthpiece of the entire student body. All the BA ISAGO three campuses have an independent SRC and the council reports to the Student Welfare and Support Services Officer at the respective campus.

There is students’ representation in all organs of the institution, such as, The Board of Directors and Senate, where the SRC Presidents sit, Academic Affairs Board, having Ministers of Academic Affairs, Student Welfare and Support Services Committee, where students are represented by Ministers of Student Welfare, Graduations Committee, which has Ministers of Academic Affairs. SRC Presidents from the three campuses also attend the graduation ceremonies.

Regular general students meetings are normally organised by either the SRC or the Office of Student Welfare and Support Services, depending on the issues to be addressed or discussed The University has Complaints and Appeal Procedures that all students are expected to follow regarding issues and concerns they have.

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