Health and Wellness

The SWSSD also promotes healthy living among students. The Division aims to:
1. Care for student’s needs, monitoring their health problems and equipping them with life skills. For example;
Students who miss class because of health problems report to the Division, and in turn information is passed on to respective Academic Faculties. We support our students by visiting them while in hospital and in some instances financial support is provided by colleagues.
During orientation, a slot for health issues is always provided.
Some staff members have been trained on First Aid, and there is provision of a First Aid Kit in all the Students Welfare and Support Services Offices at respective Campuses. To be able to attend to emergencies prior to MRI arrival.
Arrangements have been made with Medical Rescue (MRI) Botswana to provide emergency medical support when needed, before handing students over to medical practitioners in hospital.
Condoms are also provided to staff and students in rest rooms.
Assist with the implementation of HIV/AIDS educational programmes and counselling.
BOFWA AND TEBELOPELE are the main providers of counselling and testing services. This role is augmented by the Blood Donation Unit in the Ministry of Health who in addition to conducting blood donation exercises conduct testing services, on request.
Counseling and Health Services Centre (CAHSC)
This centre is based in the Gaborone campus and has a full time University Counsellor. It caters for all Health and Wellness issues; giving awareness in all ailments, proper eating habits, financial wellness and many related issues).There is also counselling, HIV/AIDS testing or blood donation on monthly basis for both students and staff, though there are still few who come for these services.Peer Educators have been trained to assist.
Organise Wellness Days for both students and staff.
Collaborate with government departments and other stakeholders in the provision of health education and services, such as, Botswana Family Welfare Association (BOFWA),
Botswana Christian Aids Intervention Programme (BOCAIP) and Ministry of Health.

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