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The Division of Student Welfare and Support Services (SWSS) provides services to students to manage their academic pursuits and challenges of a tertiary education environment. The Division welcomes the new students and ensures that necessary support and services are provided all the time and promptly to all the students, so that their stay in the University is conducive, enjoyable and worthwhile. The Division further intends to ensure that when students leave the University and join the workforce they are well rounded beings. The Student Welfare and Support Services (SWSS) Division is headed by the Dean, under the direction of the Vice President, Academic Affairs and Research.

The Dean is responsible for campuses in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun and is assisted by the Student Welfare and Support Services Officers (SWSSO) based at all these Campuses. The University also has a Counsellor based at the main campus. This Division is coordinated through the Students Welfare and Support Services Committee (SWSSC).


1. To have full responsibility for the well – being of the student body

2. Orient students to the university mode of operation and prepare them for the world of work

3. To specifically address issues related to career guidance and counselling, health including HIV/AIDS prevention programmes and counselling, life skills, facilitating internships, assisting students with accommodation, providing personal counselling and therapy, managing crisis and trauma counselling

4. Provide advisory services to individual students or groups of students on academic and psycho-social issues that affect learning

5. Support students with special learning needs

6. Collaborate with government and other stakeholders in the provision of health education and services

7. Facilitate almost all SRC operations on Campus and off Campus

8. Propose policies and procedures that have a direct impact on student welfare and support services

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