A University with Full Stripes

In June 2015, BA ISAGO, which is hundred percent citizen owned, was conferred full university status after operating as a University College for 13 years. It applied for University Status in 2012 after meeting all the requisite criteria. The institution has since expanded and enhanced its facilities, human capital and research outputs. It now has three Campuses operating in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun, deliberately and consciously attempting to reach out to many other prospective learners out there who are already disadvantaged by the long distances to Gaborone.

BA ISAGO has four Faculties. These are the Faculty of Commerce, offering over 33 courses; the Faculty of Education, offering 8 courses; the Faculty of the Built Environment, Arts and Sciences offering 8 courses; and the Faculty of Law and Para-legal Studies, offering 6 courses. Altogether, the four Faculties offer just under 60 courses comprising of Masters Degree programmes; 28 Bachelor’s Degree programmes; 14 Diploma programmes; 2 Professional Qualifications; and 10 Certificate programmes. Some of the degree and diploma programmes are run in collaboration with internationally renowned institutions such as the University of South Africa (UNISA), the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe.

In addition, in October 2008, BA ISAGO established The Centre for Research, Entrepreneurship and Project Management (CREPM) which transformed itself in 2016 as The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Professional Development (CEPD) running a total of 45 short-term learning courses across a whole spectrum of disciplines offered through conferences, short-term training, seminars, workshops to corporate business organizations, Government, parastatals, NGOs, civil society, and private individuals.

The institution has just set up another Faculty, the School of Graduate Studies and Research which will be devoted to running Masters and PhD programmes. The institution boasts an array of very well-qualified lecturers at Masters, PhD and recently Professional levels and is increasingly gaining a reputation as well paying private institution of learning in Botswana, with the competitive remuneration packages.


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