Strategic Direction


To be a dynamic tertiary education institution of choice, creating opportunities in training, research, entrepreneurship and community engagement.


To provide quality, market-driven academic and training programmes, in its endeavour to contribute meaningfully to human resources development in Botswana and beyond.


The following values guide the operations of BA ISAGO University.
i. Accountability
We accept responsibility for all decisions and actions taken.
ii. Botho
We serve with compassion, respect, humility, modesty and a sense of social responsibility.
iii. Equity
We make decisions impartially and even-handedly without discrimination
iv. Integrity
We are reliable, dependable, trustworthy, committed and faithful.
v. Professionalism
We provide high quality service with integrity, discipline, diligence, fairness and honesty.
vi. Teamwork
We work with a collective spirit, responsibility and maximum effort.
vii. Transparency
We are open, frank and candid in all matters.

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