Administration and Facilities Management

Main purpose of the division:

The Administration and Facilities Management Division is responsible for the daily operations, maintenance of University properties including responding to and taking care of all emergencies relating to the buildings and associated utilities and infrastructure. The Division is expected to manage the University facilities in a manner that is consistent with the mission, vision and guiding principles of the organisation; including involvement in health and safety issues, strategic planning and day-to-day operations, particularly in relation to buildings and premises.

The role functions include liaising with external parties in order to obtain relevant certifications and licenses from local authorities and various government agencies. The Office is also charged with managing relationships with vendors who service the buildings; and following up with the contractors through the Project Manager and assisting with the clearing of the snag list after the work is completed.

Key Roles/Functions:

  1. Buildings, Equipment, Fleet, Furniture, Fittings and Grounds maintenance;
  2. Health, Safety and Environment issues;
  3. Security and risk management;
  4. Landscaping and surrounding environmental cleanliness;
  5. Space management, allocation and utilisation;
  6. Availability of utilities and supporting infrastructure;
  7. Procurement and contracts management;
  8. Project Management.

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