Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Division


Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Division (CDQA)

The CDQA division plays a key role in the development, monitoring and reporting of quality across the University.  Its main aim is to ensure the highest quality learning, teaching, curricula, research and administration in the University, through the development, implementation and continuous improvement and enhancement of quality assurance systems. 

It provides administrative and substantive support for ensuring quality delivery of services at all levels of the University.  The divison facilitates institutional and programme accreditation processes for the University.

The principles on which quality assurance are built in the University are developmental, to ensure continuous improvement through the involvement of all relevant parties within and outside the University. The office has the following specific functions:

  • Formulating strategies, policies, systems, procedures and practices for the University’s academic  and administrative quality assurance and enhancement;
  • Advising the University on quality assurance and management;
  • Promoting the culture of academic quality within the University;
  • Developing policies and guidelines on teaching evaluation, programme review and student learning assessment;
  • Developing Quality assurance standards for the University;
  • Monitoring, reviewing, auditing, evaluating and continuously developing the University’s quality together with its quality assurance and enhancement strategies, frameworks and procedures at all levels of the University, for the promotion of academic excellence in learning, teaching and research;
  • Advising on program and course development, approval and accreditation processes;
  • Compiling publications on learning and teaching enhancement;
  • Contributing to the formulation of the University’s Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policies and Practices and to their implementation and monitoring across the University.

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