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CPDC has a vast selection of course offerings in Project Management, Business Process Management, entrepreneurship, computers and Advocacy; however, given that most organisations' professionals rarely fit into single-siloed functions, CPDC can create a learning solution that best meets your company's unique needs. This process is seamless. Our personalized approach to each engagement allows us to deliver the right solution.

  • Off-the-Shelf — Using our off-the-shelf courseware, our subject matter experts that have real-world experience in your industry, can facilitate a course in your company's cultural style, integrate your organization's specific jargon and employ realistic examples of project challenges from your industry's environment without the expense of developing a customized program.
  • Tailored Off-the-Shelf — We are able to adapt our courses so they incorporate your unique process, methodologies, templates and tools. Case studies and exercises may be modified to include only specific examples relevant to your business and to your staff.
  • Custom Development — Through the expertise of our subject matter experts and in-house subject matter experts, CPDC has the flexibility to customize the course length, content, delivery method, and any other instructional elements that are needed to yield a successful training solution for your organization.
  • Certificate Programs — Our clients can choose from our selection of off-the-shelf certificates or ask us to combine courses from different CPDC certificates to design a program that best addresses your organization's training needs.

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