BA ISAGO University began as a university college in 2002. It was registered by the Botswana Training Authority (now Botswana Qualifications Authority) in June 2004 and was granted institutional accreditation by the Tertiary Education Council (now Human Resource Development Council) in 2006. Starting at a time when tertiary education outside government institutions was not as mainstreamed as it is today, BA ISAGO had a dismally humble beginning.

The inceptual registration at its first campus in Francistown comprised of a paltry 50 students. The institution’s founder and Managing Director Odirile Gabasiane,admits it was untypical for a high-aiming institution of learning to first set up in the country’s second biggest city when everything was happening in the capital Gaborone. But to Gabasiane, this state of affairs was the very spur.“The focus on Gaborone was what impelled us to establish in Francistown. There were a lot of people who were in need of tertiary education in northern Botswana and who could welcome a near-at- hand institution. We wanted to cater for them.”

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