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The Centre for Professional Development and Consultancy(CPDC ) is a business  unit  involved in entrepreneurship, professional development  and Business consultancy. It is Strategic Business Unit for BA ISAGO University.

Enterprise longevity and profitability are wholly dependent on the talent of management.
To ensure business excellence, top companies in public and private sector, their best-kept
secret, is their investment in professional training, development and performance enhancement needs.

The main objective of CPDC is:

  • Promoter of customised Corporate training, Entrepreneurship and Project Management .
  • Enterprising through entrepreneurship kick off and consultancy involvement
  • Promoter of Strategic Planning, Service Level Agreements and Special projects engagement and execution


To be a regional centre of excellence in applied research, corporate training and project management.


Provide quality market driven research and corporate training programmes, contributing to  human resource development

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